Butterfly Beauty


From carefully selected essential oils to innovative technology, Mary Cohr treatments are designed especially for you by expert hands. Mary Cohr beauty care has been developed to be as close to nature as possible, that allows the skin to draw its nourishment from the best, most active botanical substances.

CatioVital Youth £67.00

Starting at birth, the skin’s cellular activity diminishes over time. Our cells lose energy and multiply at a slower rate; the first signs of ageing then appear. Using patented methods CatioVital Youth treatment stimulates cellular activity and increases cell regeneration. The “sauna effect” of the thermal mask enables the skin to breathe and dynamic ionisation penetrates active ingredients deep down into the skin. Suitable for all skin types as it is customised to each client’s specific skincare goals.

CatioVital Lifting £67.00

With age our muscle tone diminishes and contours begin to slacken. To maintain a youthful face the muscles must be stimulated to increase tone and volume in order to lift facial features. The CatioVital Lift treatment has an immediate “lifting” effect after the 1st session. The tissue drainage and muscle stimulation decongests, releases tension and restores firmness & tone to the face, neck & eye area.

CatioVital Youth + Lifting £110.00

The ultimate treatment for all signs of skin ageing. Combines the CatioVital Youth and CatioVital Lifting treatments.

CatioVital Lifting Express £47.00

A shortened version of the CatioVital Lifting facial that focuses solely on the machine elements of the treatment. Great to include in courses.

Age Repair £62.00

A highly concentrated facial that targets all signs of ageing; by using active ingredients of pure vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and pro-collagen it regenerates and firms the skin, restores radiance and gives an instant tightening effect.

Dermo Peeling £60.00

A skin renewal treatment that uses acid PH to exfoliate deep within the skin to target pigmentation and add luminosity to the complexion. An ideal treatment for reducing dark spots & pigmentation from sun damage. 

Beauté Aromatique £50.00

Uses 100% natural essential oils in a deeply relaxing massage to release their powerful benefits deep in the skin & a beauty mask containing plant extracts to restore a healthy glow.

CatioClean £31.00

A unique 30 minute treatment that leaves your skin beautifully clean & radiant. The Thermaclean heated electrode deeply cleanses & detoxifies allowing the skin to breathe. The beauty massage releases tension leaving facial features rested & you totally relaxed.

Facial Courses

CatioVital Youth Course £180

1 treatment per week for 3 weeks

CatioVital Lifting Course POA

A combination of CatioVital Lifting and Lifting Express treatments customised to your needs

1 treatment per week for 3 weeks minimum

3 treatment per week for 3 weeks maximum

Age Repair Course £167

1 treatment per week for 3 weeks

Dermo Peeling Course £162

1 treatment per week for 3 weeks